Arm lift

Surgery to remove sagging in the arms due to different reasons such as excessive weight gain, weight loss and age is called arm lift. With this surgery, excess fat tissue and excess skin are removed from the arms, making the arms look healthier and more aesthetic.

Alternative methods

If the patient does not have excess skin and sagging in the arm area, liposuction can be performed on the inside and back of the arm. In this region, devices such as laser lipolysis, which have the ability to melt the fat and get it out more easily, and to tighten the skin in the arms, are often used.

Arm Lift Surgery

Planning before arm lift surgery is important. How much tissue will be removed and which areas will be liposuctioned are determined. The shape and length of the scar that will remain in the patient is revealed by this planning. Arm stretching surgery is performed in 3 stages.

  • Liposuction (removal of fat)
  • Removal of excess skin and tightening of subcutaneous tissue
  • Stretching and suturing the skin

The operation takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. It is recommended that the patient stay in the hospital overnight.

Liposuction in arm aesthetics

Liposuction method is applied in cases where there is lubrication in the arm area and skin sagging is not excessive. The healing process is faster. Since only fat tissue is removed, it is expected that the skin will tighten on its own after liposuction. If there is no problem in skin elasticity, the skin will recover. It is more efficient in patients in the younger age group.

Arm Tightening with Laser Lipolysis

This process, which is applied with a laser, is used to achieve a tighter arm image in a very short time. The laser melts the fat in the arm. The melt is often removed from the body by liposuction. It is a method applied in cases where there is lubrication on the arm and less sagging.

Thigh Lift

The skin of the thigh document is very thin and sagging may be seen in this area due to aging, weight changes, and pregnancy. Patients often complain of their legs rubbing against each other while taking a step, and a bad and drooping appearance. In addition to complaints such as diaper rash in summer, patients may experience difficulties in finding suitable clothes for their bodies and psychological problems in social life. With thigh lift surgery, excess sagging skin is removed and excess fat tissue is removed.

Thigh Lift Surgery

Excess fat and skin tissue are removed from the body through an incision made from the inner part of the thigh. In this procedure, the skin is stretched and closed. It is usually done under general anesthesia. The surgery is usually completed within 1-2 hours. After the operation, the patient is allowed to stay in the hospital for 1 day. The incisions are in the inner region of the thigh and fade over time and become less obvious. Thigh lift surgery can be combined with other aesthetic operations.

What awaits the patient after Thigh Lift surgery

The patient should avoid excessive movements, especially in the first 10 days after surgery. Since it is a very active area, the patient should pay special attention to it. Hygiene should be taken into consideration as the suture site is close to the urinary excretion system. Patients are asked to use a medical corset for 3-4 weeks after the operation. Since the sutures are placed in accordance with aesthetic principles, there are no sutures that require removal. Sports activities can be started 30 days after the operation.

Thigh lift surgery can be easily applied to all healthy individuals over the age of 18. Patients do not complain of serious pain after surgery. The pain and ache they feel can be relieved with painkillers.