The registered trade name of Botulinum Type A is Botox, and it is the first botulinum agent approved by the FDA for reducing wrinkles. There are several excellent Wrinkle Reducing Injectables available today, including Dsport and Xeomin. These products work by blocking the communication between nerves and muscles in the targeted area, so that active wrinkles caused by these facial muscles are temporarily paralyzed. With this treatment, a younger, more vibrant appearance emerges and the formation of possible future wrinkles can also be prevented.

After the FDA approval for use in the aesthetic field in 2002, approximately 11.8 million Botox procedures were performed in the United States. This makes Botox the most popular non-invasive aesthetic procedure in America.

Visible results of Botox and other Wrinkle Reducing (Dysport, Xeomin etc) injections appear 3-7 days after treatment, and wrinkle reduction results may continue for up to four months. Since the effects of Botox are not permanent, it is recommended that patients have periodic maintenance injections.