Breast size and shape are very important parts of their image and self-confidence for women. For this reason, women who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts prefer to achieve permanent solutions with breast augmentation surgery.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation or mammoplasty to increase the size of the breast is a surgical procedure applied to change and improve its fullness and shape. Although the use of silicone implants is generally preferred in breast augmentation aesthetics, it is possible to apply breast augmentation aesthetics with the fat transfer method. There are some differences in the way of application and permanence of both methods, and as a result of the evaluations made specifically for the person who wants to have breast augmentation aesthetics, it is decided which method will be preferred. In case of need, breast augmentation surgery can be applied together with breast lift surgery.

Who is suitable for Breast Augmentation Aesthetics?

Breast augmentation aesthetics;

  • Asymmetry in breasts in terms of size or shape,
  • The size of your breasts is smaller than you want,
  • Volume loss in the breasts due to breastfeeding or weight loss,
  • It can be applied to people who need reconstruction in one or both breasts after mastectomy.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation may take between 1-2 hours depending on the technique applied and the scope of the procedure. The surgeon usually makes an incision 3-5 cm long in the fold under the breast. The incision can also be made around the nipple or under the armpit. A pocket is then created where the breast implant will be placed. This pocket may be between the breast tissue and the chest muscle or behind the chest wall muscle. The most appropriate position is determined by the surgeon by evaluating factors such as the size of the breasts, the looseness of the skin, and the anatomical structure of the patient. The incision is closed with sutures and the operation is completed.

Before Breast Augmentation / Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before breast augmentation surgery, the patient undergoes a detailed examination. Complaints and expectations are evaluated. Factors such as the patient's weight, height, body length, shoulder width, hip and rib cage width are evaluated and the technique and the dimensions of the prosthesis to be used are determined. The correct size of the selected prosthesis and its compatibility with the patient's anatomical structure directly affect the success of the operation. For this reason, the surgeon should not only prefer the use of a prosthesis with a size that is not compatible with the patient's body, and should take care to guide the patient in the most correct way.

Recovery Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery

In order to experience a healthy and fast recovery process after breast augmentation surgery, the doctor's recommendations should be followed completely. Due to its delaying effect on wound healing, smoking should not be used for a while after the operation. After the operation, a slight pain may occur in the application area. In this case, the problem can be solved by using painkillers prescribed by the doctor. At the same time, the risk of infection can be minimized by the regular use of antibiotics given by the doctor.

The resulting edema will begin to subside spontaneously in a short time. However, the use of a special bra recommended by the doctor after the operation is also very important in terms of edema and pain control. In cases where the prosthesis is placed behind the chest muscle, restriction in arm movements may be experienced for a few days after the operation.

Although it varies from person to person, incision scars generally begin to lose their clarity between 6-12 months. You should not be in humid and hot environments such as hammam, sauna and solarium for a while after the operation, as it may cause delayed healing of scars and staining in the incision areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Will there be any scars after breast augmentation surgery?

As in all surgical operations, scars remain after breast augmentation surgery. However, it is possible to hide these traces according to the applied technique. In addition, with the healing process, the scars lose their clarity and may become unnoticeable.

Does silicone prosthesis cause cancer?

There is no such thing as silicone prostheses causing breast cancer.

Do breast implants affect mammography?

Breast implants do not affect mammography. However, before the extraction, the technician should be informed that there is an implant. Thus, the shooting will be done in a position where the best results will be obtained.

Does smoking affect the healing process?

Smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels. The amount of oxygen carried by the blood flow to the surgical site decreases. The healing process may slow down as the tissues cannot get the blood circulation and high amount of oxygen they need to heal.