Due to aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and the effect of gravity, sagging of the breast connective tissues and skin may occur. This is the most important cause of deformations such as deformation, sagging and distortion of the breast. Breast lift surgeries, which are frequently applied by women for aesthetic concerns, come into play at this stage and play an important role in helping women have the breasts they desire. Breast lift surgery does not only offer solutions to aesthetic concerns, but also skin problems caused by sagging breasts and odor problem, which can become irritating especially in summer, can be eliminated with this operation.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery is the surgical procedure applied for the breasts that have sagging and loosening due to various reasons to have a more upright and lively appearance. By removing the excess skin in the breast and tightening the tissue surrounding the breast contour, women are provided with a straighter breasts.

Who is suitable for Breast Lift Surgery?

  • Having sagging breasts, losing their shape or volume and having excess skin on their breasts,
  • Nipples pointing down and below the chest fold line,
  • Having elongated, straight and swaying breasts,
  • Breast lift aesthetics can be applied to people with one of their breasts lower than the other.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia by applying reverse T or lollipop incision methods. The technique to be used in breast lift surgery is determined according to the degree of sagging in the breast, and if necessary, care is taken to preserve the patient's lactation function. In cases where there is slight sagging of the breast, an erection can be achieved by using a silicone implant. If the sagging is excessive and there is a serious loss of elasticity in the breast tissue, the excess skin is removed, the inner structure of the breast is intervened and the nipple is repositioned. In case the inner breast tissue is insufficient or the breast tissue needs to be removed, silicone prosthesis is used to give volume to the breasts and erect them. Breast lift surgery can be applied in combination with both breast reduction and breast augmentation surgery. In the planning of the operation, the general health status, needs and expectations of the patient are evaluated simultaneously.

Before Breast Lift Surgery

Before breast lift surgery, the patient is examined in detail, mammography and ultrasonography are taken, and the technique to be applied is planned. Before the operation, smoking, aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements should be stopped.

Recovery Process After Breast Lift Surgery

Mild pain, swelling and bruising may occur after breast lift surgery. Swelling and bruising disappear spontaneously within 7-10 days. By using a sports bra for at least 4 weeks after the operation, it is possible for the breast to collect itself better and to achieve more successful results. Heavy lifting should not be done for 4 weeks and compelling movements such as pushing and pulling should be avoided.

During the period specified by the doctor, movements that force the chest and arm muscles and intense exercise programs should be avoided. There may be a decrease in sensation in the lower breast area or nipple for 6 weeks following the operation. This temporary situation resolves itself over time.

Although care is taken to preserve the lactation function, in cases where the breasts are very large or the sagging of the breasts is very intense, it may be necessary to waive the milk ducts with the knowledge and approval of the patient.

Although breast lift operation is an effective surgery, sagging of the breasts may develop after the operation due to reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and excessive weight gain. For this reason, attention should be paid to weight control in order to maintain the permanence of the operation result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift Aesthetics

How soon after birth can a breast lift be done?

After the completion of the breastfeeding process, breast lift surgery can be performed.

Can breast lift be applied together with other aesthetic operations?

Breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery when necessary.

What type of anesthesia is used in breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Does breast lift surgery cause breast cancer?

Breast lift surgery does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer.