The G spot is a 1-2 cm wide area on the anterior inner wall of the female vagina, 4-5 cm inside from the vaginal entrance and on the upper side, where dense nerve networks are located. Since it is a region where neural networks are dense, it plays a very important role in women's orgasm. The friction of the penis on the G spot, which is a plump and fluffy area on the anterior wall of the vagina, and stimulating the area ensures orgasm. Although the stimulation of the G spot opens the way to orgasm with a strong and long-term stimulation, it may be possible for some women to lose the clarity of the G spot due to hormonal reasons. In such a case, difficulties in achieving orgasm may be encountered, since it is not possible for the penis to sufficiently stimulate the G-spot.

What is G Spot Augmentation?

G-spot can be enlarged with hyaluronic acid-containing filler or fat injection. G-spot augmentation provides a more satisfying and enjoyable experience as it increases the sensitivity of the area. It facilitates orgasm and increases its intensity.

The contact of the penis with the G point, which is located close to the urethra area, during sexual intercourse increases the pleasure of the woman from sexuality and allows her to reach orgasm more easily. For this reason, women with a more sensitive G spot get much more pleasure from sex.

Who Is G Spot Augmentation Suitable For?

G-spot augmentation procedure;

  • Unable to enjoy and orgasm during sexual intercourse,
  • It can be applied to women over the age of 18 who want to have a stronger and better quality orgasm despite having orgasm during sexual intercourse.

With this;

  • Who are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • It has an allergic structure and has previously given allergic reactions to similar products,
  • Having bleeding and coagulation problems,
  • Immune system problems,
  • Infection in the application area,
  • It is not applied to people whose expectations about the result of the application do not match the reality.

How is G Spot Enlargement Performed?

The G-spot augmentation procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Hyaluronic acid or adipose tissue taken from the patient's body and processed is injected into the G point detected by examination. The procedure is painless and painless and is completed within 5-10 minutes. The permanence of the fat injection method is higher than the hyaluronic acid injection.

The success of the G-spot augmentation process depends on the injection to the right area. Because the location of the G spot can be different in every woman. The amount of hyaluronic acid or adipose tissue to be injected is different for each woman and is determined according to the anatomical characteristics of the person. The permanence of the procedure varies according to the structural characteristics of the person. G spot augmentation is a procedure that needs to be renewed periodically.

Before G-Spot Augmentation

Before the G-spot augmentation, the location of the G-spot is determined by examination. This is very important in terms of applying the procedure to the right area. In addition, the patient is informed by determining whether the procedure will be performed with fat injection or filler.

Healing Process After G Spot Augmentation

After G spot augmentation, patients can continue their daily lives from where they left off. It is okay to have sexual intercourse 6 hours after the procedure. G-spot augmentation is not a procedure that affects a woman's fertility and menstrual cycle. After the application, tampons can be used, laser epilation or different genital aesthetic applications can be made.

Frequently Asked Questions About G-Spot Augmentation

Where is the G spot?

It is located between the vaginal opening and the urethra and at a distance of 4-5 cm from the entry point of the vagina.

How is the G spot augmentation procedure done?

It is made with hyaluronic acid or oil injection.

Does it affect the menstrual cycle?

The G-spot augmentation procedure has no effect on the menstrual cycle.

Can G spot augmentation be applied to every age group?

It can be applied to women over the age of 18 who do not have an obstacle to the application.