The hips play a very important role in the attractive appearance of the female body. The protrusion of the hips greatly contributes to the aesthetic appearance of women. Women's complaints about the hip areas are usually small, low, weak, too large or wide. Hip aesthetics is an effective solution for women who want to have fuller, lively, shaped, rounded and aesthetic looking buttocks.

Hip Aesthetics/Butt Aesthetics/What is BBL?

Hip augmentation, hip reduction and hip lift procedures are called hip aesthetics or butt aesthetics, to make the butt look better, which is one of the most striking parts of the female figure. Hip augmentation is done with fat injection or the use of prosthesis. Buttock augmentation procedures with fat injection are called BBL (Brazilian Buttock Lift).

Who Is Suitable For Hip Aesthetics/Butt Aesthetics/BBL?

Hip aesthetics;

  • Those who want to have more rounded, fuller and firmer hips,
  • Flat-looking buttocks due to its genetic structure,
  • Waist-butt transition becomes uncertain due to the lubrication in the waist area,
  • A flat or drooping butt appearance due to changes in weight or aging,
  • Has an asymmetrical butt,
  • It can be applied to people who have loosening in the soft tissue of the gluteal region.

How to Perform Hip Aesthetics/Butt Aesthetics/BBL?

The procedure and technique to be applied within the scope of hip aesthetics are determined individually. Although butt reduction may seem like an aesthetic necessity, a large buttock compared to the body can also be preferred because it can cause physical complications such as back pain, leg pain, and difficulty in movement. With butt reduction aesthetics, it is aimed to have hips proportional to the body of the person by removing excess fat from the butt. Excess fat is removed from the butt with liposuction. In case of sagging and loosening of the hips, the excess skin is surgically removed.

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure applied to improve the contour, shape, size and tissues of the butt, but it can be performed with fat injection or implants. In the butt augmentation method with fat transfer, that is, the BBL method, the fat taken from the patient's own body by liposuction method and processed is used. Butt implants, which are synthetic materials, can be placed to provide a more serious increase in butt volume.

Buttock lift is a common procedure to remove loosening and sagging in the area. Butt lift alone is not enough to add volume to the butt. It can be combined with fat injection and placement of hip implants when necessary.

Hip Aesthetics/Butt Aesthetics/Pre-BBL

Before hip aesthetic surgery, the patient's medical history is taken. The skin quality and compatibility of the hip with the rest of the body are examined. Thus, the procedure to get the best result and the technique to be applied are determined.

Smoking can cause decreased blood flow and an increased risk of complications during or after surgery. For this reason, if the person smokes, they should quit 2 weeks before the operation and continue not to smoke for a certain period of time after the operation. Medications and herbal supplements that may increase the risk of bleeding should also be discontinued before the operation. Since serious differences in the patient's weight after hip aesthetic surgeries may adversely affect the results of the operation, the patient is requested to maintain a constant weight for the last 6-12 months.

Hip Aesthetics/Butt Aesthetics/Healing Process After BBL

The recovery process after hip aesthetics may differ depending on the procedure applied, the technique used and personal characteristics. It is normal to feel pain and edema in the application area after hip aesthetics. It takes around 3-6 months for the hips to take their full shape and for real results to be observed.

In the early postoperative period, the patient may have difficulty in moving, sitting and standing up. It is very important for a healthy healing process that the hips are not exposed to direct pressure for at least 8 weeks after hip aesthetics. The patient should sleep face down for at least 15 days. After the operation, heavy sports activities should not be done for at least 4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hip Aesthetics/Butt Aesthetics/BBL

Is butt shaping with fat injection permanent?

The success of fat injection depends on the survival of the injected fat cells. If the person does not lose weight after the operation, fat injection is a method that maintains its permanence to a large extent.

Is butt aesthetics a painful procedure?

Since the procedure is performed under anesthesia, pain is not felt during the operation.

Which type of anesthesia is used in buttock aesthetics?

Local or general anesthesia is possible. According to the procedure to be applied, a decision is made on an individual basis.

Can butt aesthetics be performed on men?

Men can also have butt aesthetics if there is no obstacle to surgery.