The hymen, which has a semi-flexible thin structure, is located at the entrance of the vagina. In some women, the hymen can be very hard or very flexible, while in some women, since the hole in the middle is larger than normal, it may be thought that there is no hymen during the examination. In some rare cases, there is no hole in the hymen. This condition is called imperforate hymen. In people with this type of hymen, bleeding begins to accumulate in the genital tract from the first menstrual bleeding. The solution to this situation, which is a serious problem, is to drain the blood by opening a hole in the hymen with a surgical operation.

What is Hymen Suturing/Hymenoplasty?

The surgical procedure applied to repair the structure of the hymen that has lost its integrity due to any reason is called hymen repair or hymenoplasty.

Who is suitable for Hymen Suturing / Hymenoplasty?

Planting the hymen;

  • Tearing of the hymen due to any trauma or accident,
  • Tearing of the hymen due to the introduction of a foreign body into the vagina,
  • Tearing of the hymen after an unwanted sexual intercourse,
  • Tearing of the hymen after a hard blow to the genital area,
  • It can be applied in cases where the hymen is opened by surgical methods by the surgeon in gynecopathologies where biopsy is required.

How is Hymen Suturing / Hymenoplasty Performed?

Hymen implantation can be performed in two different ways, temporarily and permanently. If it is desired that the seam is immediately torn and bleeding during sexual intercourse, temporary hymen repair is preferred. This procedure should be done one week before the date of sexual intercourse. Threads used in temporary hymen sewing have the property of melting quickly. For this reason, there is a risk of not bleeding if you have sexual intercourse after more than 7 days. Temporary hymen repair is a painless procedure that can be completed in a few minutes under local anesthesia.

Different methods can be used in permanent hymen planting. In flap operation, a triangular tissue is removed from the lower wall of the vagina and the operation is completed by suturing it to the upper side wall of the vagina. In the primary repair method with microsurgery, the edges of the torn hymen after sexual intercourse are cut and reassembled using the microsurgery technique. In this way, the anatomical integrity of the hymen is ensured. Since the permanence of the procedure can be preserved until a new sexual intercourse, it does not matter when it is applied.

Hymen Suturing / Before Hymenoplasty

Before the hymen is planted, the patient is examined to determine whether there is any deterioration in the hymen. The reason for this is that not every bleeding during sexual intercourse may be caused by the hymen.

Although a special period is not required for the application of hymen, it is preferable to do it at the end of menstruation. Because during the menstrual period, the operation area becomes wet and paves the way for infection. As a result, the wound may take longer to heal.

Healing Process After Hymen Suture/Hymenoplasty

Creams, antibiotics and tissue disinfectants prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly in order to experience a healthy healing process after the hymen repair operation.

Although the person can return to his daily life a few hours after the application, he should not take a shower for a few days. In order to keep the seams dry and clean, care should be taken to take a standing shower for a month. There may be discharge and spotting within 15 days after the operation. In such a case, the sanitary napkin should be changed frequently. Again, sudden movements should be avoided for a month, and care should be taken not to enter the pool or the sea.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hymen Replantation/Hymenoplasty

Can every hymen be repaired?

Each hymen can be repaired using different techniques depending on the condition of the hymen.

Is it important how many times sexual intercourse is made for the hymen repair?

How many times or when sexual intercourse is made does not affect the hymen repair operation.

Does hymen implantation affect the menstrual cycle?

The hymen repair operation has no effect on the menstrual cycle.

Can the hymen planting be done more than once?

The hymen can be planted multiple times.