Thighs, where excess skin and fat formation can be seen due to reasons such as pregnancy, aging, and dramatic weight loss, are among the body parts where it is most difficult to tighten the skin with natural methods. This situation can lead to both an aesthetically unsightly appearance and sweating caused by the friction of the inner surface of the legs when wearing a skirt, and the associated rash. In people who lose weight through diet and exercise regularly, leg stretching can be applied because excess skin folds and adipose tissue remains.

What is Leg Lift?

The surgical procedure applied to the inner or outer parts of the thighs to remove excess skin and fat from the leg due to various reasons is called leg stretching aesthetic surgery. Leg stretching aesthetics is an extremely effective procedure that provides the removal of sagging and deformations in the leg area. With the leg stretching surgery, the leg area is shaped, a slim and proportional appearance with the rest of the body is achieved.

Who Is Suitable For A Leg Lift?

Leg stretching surgery;

  • More than normal soft tissue in the inner and / or outer thigh region,
  • Those who have excessive weight loss, who have undergone bariatric surgery and who are close to their ideal weight,
  • It can be applied to people who want to have a tighter looking and proportional body contour.

It is required that there is no health problem that prevents the operation in people who will undergo leg lift surgery. In addition, in order to ensure the permanence of the surgical results, the person must be determined to change his life and diet after the operation.

How is Leg Lift Surgery Performed?

Since leg lift surgery is not a weight loss surgery designed to remove fat, liposuction can be applied when necessary. In order for the liposuction method to be applied alone, the skin must have sufficient flexibility and be able to adapt to the body contours to be obtained after liposuction. Otherwise, the application of the liposuction method in combination with leg stretching surgery may be preffered.

Leg stretching surgery can be performed with upper leg stretching, inner thigh stretching and mini thigh stretching methods. The method to be applied is determined according to factors such as patient-specific complaints, the area where the application will be made, and the type of deformity. The place and size of the incision to be made according to the applied technique also changes.

In the upper leg stretching surgery, the excess skin in the area where the thigh meets the groin is removed and liposuction is applied when necessary. With inner leg stretching surgery, it is aimed to reduce the excess skin and fat in the upper-inner part of the thigh. This method, which is generally applied after dramatic weight loss, can be combined with liposuction.

Mini leg lift surgery is usually applied to patients who want to achieve reduction in the area, although they do not have much fat and skin, and a small incision is sufficient.

Leg lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The operation is performed by making incisions according to the technique to be applied.

Before Leg Lift Surgery

Before the operation, the suitability of the patient for the operation is determined by a detailed examination. The method to be applied is selected by informing the patient about the operation process and after. Due to the risk of increasing bleeding, the use of blood thinners may adversely affect the healing process, so smoking should be stopped.

Recovery Process After Leg Lift Surgery

The drains placed in the area during the operation are removed after a few days. For a healthy recovery, the medications given by the doctor should be used regularly and the care of the area should be done as recommended.

Swelling, bruising and pain may occur after surgery. It is very important to wear a compression garment during the 2-8 week period. In the first 10-14 days, patient should be very careful against the risk of infection. Movements that might put pressure on the stitches should be avoided. A doctor's approval must be obtained to start sports.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leg Lift Surgery

How many hours does leg lift surgery take?

Although it varies according to the technique to be applied, it is completed in an average of 2-4 hours.

Are the results of leg lift surgery permanent?

Contour changes may occur in the area depending on factors such as aging, weight change and pregnancy. Therefore, patient should be careful about weight control after surgery.

Will there be pain after leg lift surgery?

As in every surgical operation, there may be pain at a level that can be controlled with painkillers after leg lift surgery.

What type of anesthesia is used in leg lift surgery?

Leg lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia.