In recent years, one of the genital aesthetic procedures that women have shown great interest in is outer lip aesthetics. In addition to improving the appearance of outer lip aesthetics, it also provides great psychological and functional benefits. Aesthetics of the outer lip, which is a surgical procedure, becomes an effective solution for outer lip deformations, sagging, and cases where the outer lips are larger than normal due to reasons such as aging, weight loss, childbirth.

Outer Lip Aesthetics / What is Majoraplasty?

The surgical procedure applied to reduce or reshape the outer large lips, also called labia majora, in the genital area is called outer lip aesthetics. As in the whole body, the structure of the outer lips also differs from person to person. It is possible for some women to have fuller outer lips than normal, and for some women to have no volume. Although it is rare, asymmetry between the outer lips can be seen. The most common and congenital problem among women is having fuller outer lips than normal, and accordingly, the pubic area, also known as the pubis, is also full. This may cause women to feel uncomfortable in clothes such as tights and bikinis and to have aesthetic concerns.

For whom is Outer Lip Aesthetics / Majoraplasty Suitable?

Majoraplasty can be applied to people over the age of 18 whose outer lip structure is less voluminous or fuller than normal, or who has asymmetry in the outer lip structure.

How Is Outer Lip Aesthetics / Majoraplasty Performed?

Early signs of aging such as shrinkage, sagging and thinning of the skin tissue may occur in the outer lip structure over time. In addition to these, large lips can become smaller as a result of the reduction of adipose tissue. Due to these reasons, aging signs such as sagging, skin folds, wrinkles and discoloration that occur in the area can be removed by surgical procedures, and rejuvenation can be achieved in the area. Non-surgical procedures can also be applied for the outer lips to have a better aesthetic appearance.

Lip aesthetics is a procedure that uses different techniques determined for the person. In the outer lip aesthetics, which will be applied to eliminate the problem of fullness in the outer lips, excess fat can be removed by using the liposuction method according to the degree of fullness. Or it may be preferable to cut a part of the tissue.

The most applied medical aesthetic procedures within the scope of outer lip aesthetics are filling and fat injection. Before the fat injection procedure, 50-80 ml of fat is taken from a suitable body part of the patient and processed. It is then injected into the outer lips to achieve a symmetrical appearance. Hyaluronic acid is also generally used in filler injection. As a result of these procedures, a more lively, bright, plump and aesthetically good appearance is obtained.

Outer Lip Aesthetics / Before Majoroplasty

Before the applications of outer lip aesthetics, the patient's complaints are listened to and their needs are determined. The method to be applied is determined according to the problems in the outer lip that need to be corrected. The patient is clearly and clearly informed about the procedure and its results.

Outer Lip Aesthetics / Healing Process After Majoraplasty

Although the recovery process after outer lip aesthetics varies according to the procedure applied, it is not a painful procedure in general. Patients can quickly return to their daily lives under normal conditions. Since self-dissolving sutures are used in outer lip aesthetic surgery, there is no need for stitches to be removed or dressing. However, maximum attention should be paid to the hygiene of the genital area during the healing process. After the outer lip aesthetic surgery, it is recommended not to have sexual intercourse for about 3 weeks, as there will be sensitivity in the area.

Curious About Outer Lip Aesthetics / Majoraplasty

How is outer lip aesthetics done?

Outer lip aesthetics can be performed with surgical or medical aesthetic procedures after the patient's complaints are evaluated.

Is it possible to reduce the outer lips?

With outer lip aesthetic surgery, the outer lips can be reduced and a more taut appearance can be achieved.

Is outer lip aesthetics performed only surgically?

Depending on the problem, medical aesthetic procedures such as filling and fat injection can also be used, apart from surgery.

Is outer lip aesthetic surgery painful?

During the operation, the patient does not feel pain as he is under anesthesia. After the operation, if the doctor's recommendations are followed and the necessary hygiene is provided, a comfortable recovery process is experienced.