For men, the length of the penis, the thickness and functionality of the penis are factors that directly affect their self-confidence in their sexual life. The penis size is approximately 2 cm at birth and may increase to 10 cm or more with puberty. One of the important factors in the evaluation of penis size is erection. In men, the length of the penis may vary depending on factors such as age, race and genetics. In addition to these, factors such as hormonal irregularities, damage to penile tissue, chromosomal disorders and being overweight can cause shortness of the penis.

What is Penis Enlargement?

The procedures applied to increase the length and width of the penis are called penis enlargement. The results that can be obtained with penis enlargement are related to the anatomical structure of the patient. When correct techniques are applied by a specialist surgeon, there may be an increase of 2-4 cm in erection.

Who Is Penis Enlargement Suitable For?

Penis enlargement;

  • The penis size is below the ideal size,
  • Dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse due to penis size,
  • It can be applied to men who have realistic expectations about the result of the operation.

Penis enlargement is a procedure that can be applied to men over the age of 18, but it is recommended to be done between the ages of 20-30.

How is Penis Enlargement Performed?

Due to the structure of the penis, a part of it is not visible from the outside, and this part is connected to the pubic bone by a tissue called ligamentolysis. Ligamentolysis, which does not play a role in the functioning of the penis, forms the basis of penis enlargement surgery. With the surgical procedure, the ligaments are cut, a cavity is created and patient tissue or a surgical material is placed in the cavity to prevent reattachment of the ligament. When the ligament is cut, although the penis is an extension, the invisible part due to the ligament is functional, and the elongation is noticed both when the penis is deflated and when it becomes hard. Although incisions are usually made in the groin area, it may also be preferable to make hidden incisions over the scrotum or penis shaft.

Fat and filler injection methods can also be preferred to thicken the penis. In the fat injection method, the fat taken from the groin, lower abdomen or other suitable area of ​​the person's body is injected into the penis after processing. In the filler injection method, hyaluronic acid is generally used.

According to the procedure applied, penis enlargement is performed under local or general anesthesia. The surgical procedure is usually completed within 1-2 hours. Although the results of the surgical procedure are permanent, in case of shortening of the tubes in the penis with aging, a shortening of the penis may occur in men who have undergone penile enlargement surgery, as in all men. The effects of penis enlargement procedures are not permanent.

Before Penis Enlargement

The patient is examined and his suitability for penis enlargement is evaluated. The procedure to be applied is determined. The patient is informed about the procedure to be applied and after. At this stage, care should be taken to ensure that the patient's expectations are realistic.

Recovery Process After Penis Enlargement

After the penis enlargement operation, the doctor's recommendations should be strictly followed in order to have a healthy recovery process and to achieve successful results. It is possible to start penile stretching exercises, with the approval of the doctor, two weeks after the operation, in order to prevent the retraction of the penis and gain more length while it is erect. In patients who have undergone the oil injection procedure, a light massage can be applied to the penis shaft every day for a few weeks, accelerating the blood flow and increasing the permanence of the injected oil.

Adopting a healthy diet and not using alcohol and smoking after the operation positively affects the healing process. Again, it is very important not to have sexual intercourse for at least 1 month after the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Enlargement

How long does penis enlargement operation take?

It is completed in about 1-2 hours.

Can penis length be extended?

With penile enlargement surgery, the penis can be lengthened to a certain extent..

What is normal penis size?

It is considered normal for an erect penis to be 12 cm or more.

How thick should the penis be?

Although the thickness of the penis varies from person to person, it is around 11-12 cm in an erected state of 9-10 cm in an adult individual.