One of the most common genital area problems among men is that the penis is shorter than normal. Penis size has an enormous impact on male psychology. Having a penis that is shorter than what is considered normal can cause a lack of self-confidence and sexual reluctance. Penile lengthening surgery can be performed if the person or their partner experiences dissatisfaction due to the shortness of the penis during sexual intercourse and the penis length is considered to be below the ideal size as a result of the evaluation made by the doctor..

What is Penis Extension?

The process of releasing the buried part of the penis, which is located in the groin and connected to the pelvis, and lengthening the visible part of the penis, is called penis lengthening. How much elongation will occur with the surgical procedure in question is directly related to the size of the penis and how developed the deep suspensory ligament of the penis is. The procedure allows the buried part of the penis to come out, and in fact, there is no real elongation in the erectile tissue of the penis. Elongation is achieved only in the visible part of the penis. It may also be possible to apply penis lengthening and penile thickening procedures together. This condition is called penis enlargement.

Who Is Penis Extension Suitable For?

  • Penis lengthening surgery;
  • Concerns about penis size,
  • Wanting to have a better sexual performance,
  • It can be applied to men over the age of 18 who need to have a longer penis.

How Is Penis Extension Made?

The only effective method that can be applied for the purpose of penis lengthening is penis lengthening surgery. There are two types of suspensory ligaments in the penis, superficial and deep. The superficial suspensory ligament, which is the continuation of the superficial fascia of the body, is located under the subcutaneous fat layer. With the operation, the deep suspensory ligament, called the ligamentum suspensorum, which connects the penis to the pelvis, is released. Thus, elongation is provided by the outward movement of the part of the penis in the groin.

Before Penis Lengthening Surgery

A detailed examination process should be applied to accurately determine the needs of the patient. It should be determined whether the patient has other urology problems. The patient's complaints and expectations should be understood very well, and the patient should be informed clearly about the result that can be obtained after the operation. The use of aspirin and derivative blood thinners should be discontinued 2 weeks before the operation. Likewise, smoking should be suspended due to its delaying effect on wound healing.

Recovery Process After Penis Lengthening Surgery

After the operation, the patient should rest for 3-7 days. Otherwise, the healing time of swelling in the application area may be prolonged. A recovery period of about 1 month is required after the surgery. During this period, sexual intercourse should not be performed. During the healing process, it is very important to follow the doctor's recommendations and to use the prescribed drugs regularly, if any. If the doctor recommends a massage, massage is applied without interruption for the specified period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Lengthening Surgery

Can penis length be extended?

Penis lengthening can be extended by penis lengthening surgery, in which the suspensory ligament connecting the penis to the abdominal wall is cut.

How long does the penis get longer?

Although the penis lengthens spontaneously until the age of 20, the most elongation occurs during the transition to puberty.

How much elongation is achieved with penis lengthening surgery?

Elongation of 2-4 cm can be achieved.

Is there any loss of erection after penile lengthening surgery?

Penis lengthening surgery does not cause loss of erection.