For men who feel inadequate due to the size of their penis, various procedures are applied to increase the thickness and length of the penis. Penile thinness is the situation where the diameter of the penis is narrower than the ideal size. Insufficient penis thickness is considered one of the deformities that affects sexual satisfaction in men and women. This problem of men who complain about the thinness of the penis can be solved without surgery by using fat or filler injection procedures.

What Is Penis Thickening?

It is the procedure performed for the purpose of increasing the thickness of the penis in men. Penis enlargement procedures can be applied in combination with penis lengthening operations. Dermal fillers, which have been providing effective results in facial aesthetic applications for a long time, are also used in procedures for penile thickening. In addition to the procedure in which fillers are injected into the body of the penis and the head of the penis, called the glans, the fat injection method can also be used.

Who Is Suitable for Penis Thickening?

Penis thickening procedures;

  • The penis is thinner than normal,
  • It can be applied to people who want to have a thicker penis.

How is Penis Thickening Made?

The first of the applications for the purpose of Penis Thickening is fat injection. In the fat injection method, the fat taken from a suitable donor area of ​​the person's body is processed. Thanks to this process, it is purified from cellular residues. A small incision is made at the base of the penis or in the existing circumcision scar. An average of 30-65 ml of oil is injected into the body of the penis. After the process is completed, the oil can be manually manipulated to ensure that the oil is evenly distributed.

It is then injected into the head and body of the penis to achieve the desired thickness. In the fat injection method, the injected fat may not be permanent because it does not maintain its vitality in the area after the injection and is absorbed by the body. For this reason, approximately 60% of the injection made in the fat injection method remains intact. This rate may vary depending on some factors, especially the fat collection technique and personal characteristics. Since the fat graft is obtained from the patient, unlike dermal fillers, it is not possible for the body to reject this material.

Penis Thickening can also be done by injection of dermal fillers. In this procedure, dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are generally used and they are produced in accordance with the anatomy of the penis. Thus, after the injection, the filling is spread evenly on the penile tissue. It stretches during erection and adapts to the penis.

Before Penis Thickening

The method to be applied should be determined by examining the patient and information should be given about the process. In addition, the patient's expectations regarding the procedure should be carefully evaluated. The use of blood thinners and herbal supplements should be discontinued at least 2 weeks before the penis thickening procedures.

Healing Process After Penis Thickening

After the fat injection procedure, the patient should take care to wear loose clothing for 1-2 weeks. During this period, sexual intercourse should not be made and strenuous exercises should be avoided for 4 weeks. Initially, it is possible to feel a slight pain during erection.

Patients should rest for at least 24 hours after the fat injection transfer and limit their physical activities for 1 week after the surgery. Painkillers can be used in case of mild pain. Alcohol, cigarettes and caffeinated products should not be used during the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Thickening

Does penis thickening hurt the testicles?

Subcutaneous injection does not affect the testicles. The adipose tissue injected into the penis can sometimes disperse into bags. In case of infection, the testicles may be affected. Therefore, the procedure should be performed by specialist doctors.

Does penis enlargement and thickening cause infertility?

They do not cause infertility, as there are no procedures that affects the semen tract. However, in case of an infection that will affect the testicles, infertility may develop.

Which methods are used in penis thickening?

Penis thickening can be done with fat injection and injection of dermal fillers.

What type of anesthesia is used in penis thickening?

Generally, local anesthesia is used, and in some cases, local anesthesia and sedation are used.