Vaginal enlargement, which is one of the most common problems faced by women, can usually be caused by vaginal delivery and in some cases by structural loosening. Although Kegel exercises are an effective method for strengthening the vaginal muscles, vaginoplasty should be applied if sufficient tightening cannot be achieved with Kegel exercises.

What is Vagina Constriction?

Vaginoplasty, in other words, Vagina Constriction, is the procedure applied to tighten or narrow the loosened vagina due to some factors, especially normal birth.

Vaginal tightening, which is applied in case of decreased flexibility, enlargement or relaxation of the vaginal tissues, provides solutions to the problems of decreased pleasure during sexual intercourse, loss of sensation or inability to have an orgasm. Vaginoplasty is therefore considered a functional purpose procedure.

Who Is Vagina Constriction Suitable For?

Vagina Constriction;

  • Vagina, large, drooping or enlarged,
  • Sound or air coming from the vagina during or after sexual intercourse,
  • It can be applied to people whose daily life and sexual life are adversely affected due to these complaints.

How is Vagina Constriction Done?

Vagina constriction surgery is completed in approximately 40-45 minutes under general anesthesia. From the entrance, it is advanced to about 6 - 7 cm inside the vagina and narrowing is made from the posterior wall of the vagina. Excess sagging tissue is removed and the muscles in the lower vaginal wall and forming the pelvic floor are brought closer together. The vagina is sutured with special threads and the tissues are combined to provide both narrowing and tightening. Since no incision is made in the external genital area, there is no visible scar from the outside. If the patient has sagging and growth problems in the inner lips, labiaplasty can also be applied in the same session. In this case, it is possible to prolong the operation time. In order to perform vaginoplasty, 6 months must pass after cesarean section and at least 1 year after normal delivery.

Another method of vagina constriction is the laser method, which is a non-invasive procedure. Since it is a painless procedure, the patient does not need to be administered local or general anesthesia. The laser probe is inserted into the vagina and all the tissues of the vagina are scanned in the width and length. In the meantime, the tissues are heated by laser beams to a depth of 3 mm. Depending on the heating, fibroblasts and collagens in the connective tissue are activated, the connective tissue is strengthened and tightening is achieved. Since there is a temporary increase in temperature during the application, a slight stinging may be felt in the vagina area.

Before Vagina Constriction

The patient is examined and it is decided which method to apply for vagina constriction. Since the development of the vagina can be different for each woman, the procedure to be applied should be planned specifically for the patient, and the patient should be informed clearly and clearly about the application and after.

Healing Process After Vagina Constriction

The recovery process after Vagina Constriction may vary depending on which method is applied and personal characteristics. Prophylactic antibiotics prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly after Vagina Constriction surgery. Bathing while sitting should not be done for 2 weeks, care should be taken to keep the genital area clean and dry for a healthy recovery.

After the operation, the sea, pool, Turkish bath and sauna should be avoided for 2 weeks. Heavy lifting and heavy exercise should not be done for 2-3 weeks. You should not have sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks.

After Laser Vagina Constriction, patients can return to their normal lives very quickly. After the application, a pink, slightly watery discharge and a burning and stinging sensation may be seen in the vagina. You should not have sexual intercourse for 1 week after the Laser Vagina Constriction procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vagina Constriction

How soon after delivery can vaginoplasty be done?

In order to perform vaginoplasty, it is recommended that 6 months pass after cesarean section and at least 1 year after normal delivery.

Which method is Vagina Constriction done?

The method to be used is determined according to the patient's complaints and needs as a result of the examination.

Can Vagina Constriction be combined with another operation?

It is possible to apply perineoplasty operation together to get the best result from the Vagina Constriction operation.

Is it possible to have a normal delivery after the Vagina Constriction operation?

Vaginoplasty does not prevent normal delivery. However, it should be taken into account that the effect of the surgery may be lost due to a new birth.