The vagina is one of the most sensitive areas of the female body in terms of hygiene and has a moist and wet structure. Darkening may occur in the vaginal area due to factors such as hormonal changes, aging, lack of air in the vagina, use of birth control pills, abrasion and sweating in the vaginal area, cleaning the vagina area with a razor and using underwear made of non-cotton materials. Discoloration in the genital area is not considered a medical problem unless it is accompanied by a smelly, inflamed or bloody discharge and itching. However, it can cause problems in sexual life due to aesthetic anxiety, lack of self-confidence.

What is Vagina Whitening/Genital Area Whitening?

The procedures performed to remove the darkening in the genital area due to various factors and to whiten the genital area are called vagina whitening or genital area bleaching. Vagina whitening can be done with highly effective medical procedures. Vaginal whitening procedures are frequently applied with the laser method and are called vulvar whitening or labial whitening.

Who is suitable for Vagina Whitening/Genital Area Whitening?

It can be applied to people over the age of 18 who have aesthetic concerns due to the color change in the genital area, whose sexual life is adversely affected and who want the genital area to be whitened. The vaginal whitening procedure, which does not cause any pain or pain, is not applied to pregnant women.

How is Vagina Whitening/Genital Area Whitening Performed?

The laser method used in vaginal whitening treatment can be applied with different techniques. The reason for this is that each patient's skin color and skin structure of the genital area are different. For this reason, since laser treatment is applied by planning according to the skin of each patient, the skin color or structure of the patient does not affect the results of the treatment. However, while some patients respond to treatment after a single session, some patients may require more sessions. In some patients, discoloration begins to appear in the genital area after a single session, while in some patients, it may take up to a month for the area to lighten. This is because each patient responds differently to treatment.

Before the treatment of genital area pigmentation with laser, which lasts about 15-20 minutes, local anesthetic cream is applied to the area and pain sensation is prevented during the procedure. Then, laser beams are applied to the darkening in the genital area, and the subcutaneous pigments that cause darkening in the area are broken down. By disintegrating melanocyte cells and preventing melanin production, the problem of darkening in the genital area is solved.

This application ensures that the epidermis layer at the top of the skin is peeled off and the brighter, pinker skin layer below is revealed. At the same time, with the effect of laser beams, the tissues in the area are revitalized, tightened and a more lively and youthful appearance is achieved in the area.

Vagina Whitening/Before Genital Area Whitening

Before the vagina whitening procedure, the patient is examined and the skin structure, color and degree of darkening are examined. In line with this information, the method to be applied is determined by considering the patient's preference. Care should be taken not to shave the application area and not to apply any cosmetic products at least 3 days before the genital area bleaching procedure.

Healing Process After Vagina Bleaching/Genital Area Bleaching

After the vaginal whitening procedure, redness, edema and blistering may occur in the application area. After the application in the genital area, darkening occurs. However, later on, these dead skin cells are shed and replaced with brighter and lighter skin texture.

After the application, the creams recommended by the doctor should be used regularly. Not contacting the application area with water for a few days may be effective in accelerating the healing process. It is possible to achieve a full recovery in about 10 days. However, it is very important to avoid sexual intercourse, sunbathing and solarium for the period specified by the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vagina Whitening/Genital Area Whitening

How long does genital whitening take?

A single session takes 15-20 minutes. How many sessions of treatment will be applied may vary from person to person.

Is laser genital area whitening treatment harmful to the skin?

Laser is a safe treatment method used in many areas of medicine. If the treatment is applied correctly by the experts, there is no harm.

Is laser genital area whitening treatment painful?

Since the area is anesthetized with local anesthetic cream before the procedure, no pain or pain is felt.

Can laser genital area whitening treatment be applied to everyone?

It can be applied to people over the age of 18 who have genital area discoloration complaints and are not pregnant.